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Cavalier offering range of CIJ printers from LINX and Nilkamal Fast jet Series.

Millions of drop patterns are dynamically adjusted on the fly to achieve best in class print quality.

Large extended life filters provide predictable maintenance

Ideal for marking on flat or curved surfaces, Continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is a non-contact printing method that can utilize a range of Continuous inkjet inks to print on almost any substrate.

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A large, 10.4” colour Touch Display is employed to allow easy visual of all operating information

Series 8 systems print fast, faster and fastest – 3 speed settings

Standard features: ECO friendly ink options, CleanStart, SmartFill, and more.


With over 40 years of development experience, Cavalier offers a range of Continuous inkjet printers and deep application expertise to help you identify the right printing solutions for your printing needs.


Cavalier's Continuous inkjet printers are ideal for coding individual products on production lines. Automatically print variable information like best before and expiry dates, MRP coding, product identification e.g. printing barcodes or marking batch numbers for traceability. 
Cavalier offers Linx industrial inkjet printers can mark onto almost any material, regardless of porosity, size, shape and texture.


Questions about our inventory? Reach out today, we’re happy to help.

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