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Mild Steel Cyklop Cso 620 Horizontal Stretch Semi Automatic Machine


Weight / Capacity :



620 x 413 mm

Ring diameter Ø 620 mm

Stretch film


Short Discription

CSO 620
A horizontal wrapper, also called a horizontal ring wrapper, is the ideal solution for horizontal
packaging of long goods such as profiles, planks or doors. The load is packaged securely, making it
impossible to move within the packaging.
The horizontal wrapping machine can also be used as a bundling machine. By bundling the
products, the risk of damage is reduced, because the products cannot move together.
The CSO 620 is a semi-automatic horizontal film
wrapping machine for packaging and / or bundling
(usually long) products with wrapping film. The
products are fed through manually.

Features -

  • Ring diameter Ø 620 mm

  • Film holder with mechanical brake system

  • Film width 125-250 mm

  • Frequency controller to regulate the winding speed

  • Speed: up to 90 revolutions per minute

  • Start & Stop via foot pedal

Application -

  • Extra film carriage

  • Automatic clamping and cutting function

  • Input and output roller conveyors

  • Side guides, manually adjustable

  • Mechanical pressure roller, manually adjustable

  • Film welding unit

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