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Weight / Capacity :



2030 x 1169 x 2132 mm

Weight 450 kg

PP and PVC tape 50 mm


Short Discription

In the packaging industry, tape is often used to seal boxes. Taping is therefore of great importance in the damage free storage and
shipping of your products, so they arrive at your customer in perfect condition. Taping machines from Cyklop ensure a reliable and
efficient taping process and are easy to set up and operate. The (semi-)automatic taping machines can be operated separately but
are also perfectly integrable with other Cyklop machines in your packaging line.
The CT 305 SDRF is a full automatic case sealer suitable for PP
and PVC tape. The machine automatically adapts to different
box sizes, folds the top flaps of the box and seals the top
and bottom flaps simultaneously. This makes the box closing
process completely automatic and efficient, without needing
supervision of an operator.
Filled boxes usually arrive from a motorized conveyor
line with the bottom flaps folded and the top flaps
open. The boxes are transported by motorized side
belts to guarantee a perfect box sealing.
With the CT 305 SDRF, it is possible to professionally
close hundreds of packages per day.

Features -

With the CT 305 SDRF it is possible to professionally close hundreds of packages per day.

  • For PP and PVC tape 50 mm

  • Fully automatic

  • High efficiency

Application -

Automatic any sizing of box packing by sealing boxes top and bottom

Industries to take advantage from it are any who uses carton box packing for transporting their product

Leading industries to use this automation are spare part manufacturers, FMCG, Pharma, Cargo companies, etc


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