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Cyklop LGT 260 Pneumatic Strapping Tools & Battery Driven


Weight / Capacity :



335 x 145 x 145 mm

3.4 kgs tool weight

PET and PP strap, 13-16 mm


Short Discription

The LGT 260 is the cost-effective entry-level battery strapping tool. The LGT 260 combines all necessary operations – tensioning, closing and cutting – in one device.

Features -

The LGT 260 is battery drivcen, ideal for strapping at various locations.The device is light in weight, ergonomically balanced, so that an operator can work easily and quickly.

Application -

  • Cost-effective

  • PET and PP strap, 13-16 mm

  • Easy operation

  • Up to 2,800 N tension force

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