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Cyklop Elastobinder M Automatic Bundling Machine


Weight / Capacity :



160 x 160 or 400 x 160 mm (W x H)

max. 45 bundles per minute

elastic bands on a roll, Strepper®


Short Discription

The specific properties of synthetic rubber make Strepper® very suitable for binding a wide variety of products. The advantages of using Strepper® as a binding material have already been known for a long time:
• Strepper® has a closed shape, so that welding or tying the ends together is not necessary.
• Strepper® don’t distort the product and leave no marks behind.
• Strepper® is fl exible: a few products can be removed from a bundle which is bound
together with Strepper®, without the rest of bundle falling apart.
• Strepper® is multi-purpose: large and small products can be found using one size Strepper®.
Until now the rubber bands were brought on manually - this costs a lot of time and money.

Features -

Cyklop offers a fully automatic system, which provides problemfree elastic binding. This system consists of a combination of a binding machine, the Elastobinder® and elastic bands on a roll, Strepper®. This means that your products are bound rapidly. Large roll length and easy use guarantee a continuous binding process in which every Strepper® is used. Because of its high elasticity, the Strepper® are suitable for binding products with an irregular shape. Strepper® is made of recyclable plastic and are available in various colours and sizes. Automatic binding avoids the surplus use of packing materials.

Application -

The Elastobinder® can produce bundles by stacking both horizontally and vertically. Product feed and removal is manual or mechanical by means of a conveyor belt or rotating table. We also can develop and build complete packaging lines with the Elastobinder® to suit your wishes and requirements. The Elastobinder® can also be installed in your existing packaging line.

As an option the Elastobinder® can be equiped with an automatic label unit. A label is folded around each Strepper® before the bundling step, thus ensuring that you provide each bundle with the right information.

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